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About Robb's Pillow Furniture
Robb’s Pillow Furniture has been reinventing the way the world relaxes since 1973! For years Eugene area schools, libraries and recreation centers have transformed their environments through our furniture. Numerous families throughout the world are now satisfied third generation Robb’s Pillow Furniture customers.

What sets our furniture apart from other designers is the unique engineering that goes into the support system in our furniture. The process begins by applying a one of a kind cutting method for the polyurethane foam that acts as the backbone for our furniture. This patented process cuts the foam into specific multi-sided dimension, creating air spaces around the pieces that gives a loft of comfort as well as a “zero pressure point” system. Our furniture is then cover in only the highest grade synthetic fabrics to ensure durability for years to come. Our furniture will never go flat because fluffing enriches and returns it to its original shape even after years of usage. Our furniture can even be customized for firmness and support, spelling the end to bad backs everywhere!

Our furniture has also made a great impact in the lives of people with specific medical needs. It’s excellent for people with Autism, Aspberger's, lupus, fibromyalgia, back problems, burcitis, arthritis, and accident victims of all types. The special “zero pressure point” system available in our furniture eliminates the uncomfortable pressure points present in many other types of furniture that are the cause of so many bad backs. Our pliant pillow furniture is also great for pregnant and nursing women’s special needs. To help support the specific demands of the special needs community we have created a new site, Autism & Special Needs Furniture.

Because of the special manufacturing processes employed, all our furniture and pillows can then be shrunk and boxed for easy shipping around the world, or even as a carry on for planes and train. Shipping is always done by FedEx to ensure speed and reliability. Due to its ease of shipping, our furniture is now enjoyed in over 22 countries around the world! When opened our furniture quickly fills with air and returns to its original size, making a great surprise gift. Imagine receiving a couch in a box!

Feel free to contact us with any special orders- No Order Is To Large!

We at Robb’s Pillow Furniture appreciate your interest in our furniture and accessories and would like to welcome you to a new level of comfort!

Thank You,
Robb Bokich

Customer Testomonials
“We love our raindrop pillows!! I never imagined they would get so much use: relaxing, reading, jumping , sleeping etc.” Missy Huiskens
“We are so happy with our new futon and chairs! What a treat sleeping so soundly throughout the night!! We especially love the lounge position on the futon, most of our house guests do too! It seems to pull you in and keep you there all comfy!! Our backs really thank you. They were getting pretty sore, before our futon came along”. Pammy & Biff

“My family started with a loveseat years ago and we all had fun lounging on it, including my dogs. This year my daughter had to have a raindrop for her birthday, which we shrunk into a box and surprised her. We also added a futon for our living room. Thanks for all the fun and comfort.” Rick & family

“Loveseat is marvelous! Art (dad) has taken picture of the chair with our son. Actually the two of them (son & chair) are inseparable. He actually looks forward to studying now.” Art & Virginia Brown

“Robb, I just wanted to let you know my new home is my raindrop chair.” Marie M.

“The futon mattress is the most beautiful couch and functional bed I’ve ever encountered. The loveseat is really the most fitting, reclining loveseat and chair one can ever imagine. We’ve even camped out in it.” Kirstin & Fred C.

“Your futon is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. For years I’ve been waking up and changing positions several times to relieve aching shoulders. On your futon I can sleep comfortably all night and I love it.” Judith L.

“My son bought a chair set 27 years ago and he still enjoys it. It’s his favorite thing. He’s 42 years old now.” Loretta

“My son was hit by a car while riding his bike and his shoulder was crushed and he broke 3 ribs and cracked 2 vertebrae. We got one of your loveseats and it has given him comfort while sitting, reading and sleeping. It has been his only bed for 2 years and has greatly helped in his recovery. Now it is his only chair for school and he still sleeps in it every night. “ Eugene mom

“The service you provided us was above normal.. The first night we used the futon was like sleeping on a cloud! Our son also slept on it and he found it something “out of this world.’” Monroe H.

“I don’t see how I could be any more satisfied with my purchase and use of my chair set. The high quality fabric never holds dirt and stains and it’s like magic!” Bill Ward

“I’ve never been able to get comfortable and read a book before. With your loveseat I can finally sit for hours and read and enjoy reading for the first time. Thanks.” Julie B.

“I bought one of your loveseats when I was pregnant with twins. It was the only thing that helped me survive the pregnancy it was so comfortable. Thanks!” Eugene mom

"At first I thought, "Oh no, it's waaaaaaay too small." But I finallygot to open it when I got home and was pleasantly surprised. I never thoughtsuch a big cushion would fit in a box that size. I LOVE IT, it's exactly whatI wanted. Thank you so much for all the extra effort it took, and for such abeautiful cushion." Brian

"We got a raindrop chair from you at the OCF and LOVE IT! Our aging dog sleeps on it at night, our kiddo snugs in by day. I can’t believe how comfy, durable and versatile it is. If we had a second one I’d probably line them up and sleep on them. And your prices are the icing on the cake. We will buy from you again". Kate and Larry

"We absolutely love the futons and the pillow couch." Stacy and Chris E.


"Here is a photo of another satisfied customer! Molly especially lovesher cushion and the rest of us do too! Thanks so much!" Beth

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